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About me

About me

My name is Erik Heirman, I am 44 years old, father to a wonderful 10 year old son and expecting a second child in February 2020. I am a lucky to call Oona, an inspiring and wise young woman, my life partner. I have four brothers and a sister spread over South America and Europe.

I was born in Ecuador and grew up there, before moving to Peru, Chile and The Netherlands. My father worked for United Nations, so we were on the move from an early age.  My mother is a psychologist and author and always encouraged us to have an independent view of the world.

Since 20 years I live in Hamburg, one of Germany's most green and beautiful cities.

View of Hamburgs' Elbe river at sunset

Photo by Julia Solonina on Unsplash

I have worked as a freelancer, in startups and in multinational corporations. These days I work as a digital strategy consultant for a global IT services provider. I specialize on AI, automation and virtual assistants for hospitals and pharma.

In my free time I produce minimal techno, write this blog and practice meditation and yoga.

It is a pleasure to share my ideas with you and I am looking forward to your feedback and input. If you would like to write a guest post, or just reach out, feel free to connect with me on my LinkedIn

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